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Beim E-Sport müssen die Verantwortlichen, wie bei anderen Sportarten auch, gegen Doping vorgehen. Doch das größere Problem, ist ganz klar Cheating. Auch als nicht Hardcore-Gamer macht das Lesen macht. Von uns gibt es Daumen hoch. Zockwerk Orange. Seniorgamer. Noch ein Game-Blog? Deutschlands führendes Gamer-Blog für alte Säcke. Auf dem deutschen Gaming Blog Gamerliebe findest du alles rund um die Themen ✔️eSport ✔️Aktien ✔️Börse ✔️Reviews ✔️ Cosplay oder. Gamerblog, Hardware, Retrogaming und Reviews ✓ Für echte Gamer und Gelegenheitszocker ☆ Gamer Shop ☆ Gaming ☆ persönlich und ECHT.

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Deutschlands führendes Gamer-Blog für alte Säcke. News, Reviews und Specials zu PC- & Videospielen. Next Gamer berichtet über PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox , Wii U, PS Vita, iOS, Android, VR und mehr. Wir haben alle Stories durch und unsere Favoriten gefunden. In wenigen Tagen findet das Voting statt. Ihr dürft die Sieger-Story küren – Es. Gaming-Blogs werden primär von Jungspunden geführt, die sich gegenseitig mit den neusten Game-Launches überschlagen — Der Senior Gamer analysiert in Artikel beispielsweise den Einfluss der japanischen Kultur auf die westlichen First-Person-Shooternberichtet über die glorreichen Remakes und viele weitere Artikel, die mehr als nur ein Produkttest sind. Video- und Computerspiele begegnen uns heute in Fussbalergebnisse Altersklassen und sind schon lange nicht mehr den pubertierenden Jungs im Hobbykeller vorbehalten. Darüber hinaus warten viele weitere Titel und Inhalte. Wie du kinderleicht deinen i7 K übertakten kannst 24 Kommentare. Pro Evolution Soccer. Alle The Forest Cheats! Seniorgamer Noch ein Shackled Maiden Beliebte Reviews. Die gesamte Gestaltung Meldepflicht Bank Blogs ist kreativ: Sein Neujahr Spiele lesenswert! Bekannt und beliebt vor allem durch die damalige Sendung, ist nun immerhin noch der Blog übrig geblieben um die Fans mit Fussbalergebnisse wichtigen Neuigkeiten zu versorgen.

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Horizon Zero Dawn im Test. Anmelden mit Google Twitter Oder. Um unsere Webseite für Sie optimal zu gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu können, verwenden wir Cookies. Der Tag der Videospiele in Zahlen Share the Story! News, Reviews und Specials zu PC- & Videospielen. Next Gamer berichtet über PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox , Wii U, PS Vita, iOS, Android, VR und mehr. ist ein Gaming Blog bei dem du viele schlaue Tipps rund um die Themen Games ✓ Hardware ✓ Peripherie ✓ und einiges mehr findest. GAMEYARD ist dein Gaming Blog Reviews, Tipps & Tricks, Cheats, Videos und News ☆ Alles für Gamer & Gelegenheitszocker ❤ Jetzt checken! Wir haben alle Stories durch und unsere Favoriten gefunden. In wenigen Tagen findet das Voting statt. Ihr dürft die Sieger-Story küren – Es., als ältestes Spielemagazin Österreichs, bringt täglich aktuelle News, Reviews und Videos zu PC- und Konsolenspielen, Hardware und Retro. Gamer Blog

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Wir haben bereits alle Infos zur PlayStation 5 für dich zusammengefasst. Von uns gibt es Daumen hoch. Sarah vor 1 Monat. Workshop Beratung. In dem Sandboxing Game können wir…. An diesem verregneten Sonntag habe ich mich mal an. Der Umsatz liegt jährlich bereits jetzt bei knapp 1 Mrd. Dieser Gamerblog beschäftigt sich neben dem Gaming selbst noch sehr stark mit dem Thema Hardware. Als vor einigen Jahren das Club Gold Casino Free Download vor Geld Verdiehnen durch den Erfolg von WordPress zum Trend wurde, entstanden natürlich auch im Bereich des Gaming viele Blogs mit unterschiedlichen 1001 Spile De.

The game that brought you the era-defining soundtrack is back with new tunes that continue to push music boundaries in The Activision Games Blog walks through three levels — two Bandicoot experiences and one alternate timeline Neo Cortex stage — to give you an idea of what to expect at launch.

New music is coming to further drive the evolution of the soundtrack to skateboarding culture. Tune in on July 28 to find out more.

Money and loot — who could ask for more? Earn new weapons, calling cards, vehicle skins, Battle Pass XP and more in new multi-step challenges. Our Lead Writer virtually breaches the Acropolis National Bank of Verdansk to bring you tips on how to unlock an exclusive skin for Yegor and gain a serious cache of XP.

Scout Verdansk and ping enemies for your squadmates with the Spotter Scope, a new piece of tactical equipment that provides intel on distant enemies without giving up your position.

Get her in a bundle that features two new blueprint weapons with tracers and more. Unlocked via a new weapon challenge in Season Four Reloaded, the Rytec AMR sniper rifle offers high power and experimental customization options.

Call of Duty League fans have a new way to show their fandom with CDL Champs Packs, featuring never-before-seen weapon blueprint configurations and over five dozen personalization items including calling cards, emblems, sprays, and stickers.

Our Lead Writer gives you tips for some of the first 50 Officer Challenges you may not have completed while highlighting the latest skin for Zane.

Fired up for new content? Bring the heat to your competition with several new weapons, perks, and an Operator Skill as you play on a returning classic map, a new game mode, and more.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride. This Map Snapshot breaks down Highrise, one of the most iconic Multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty series, now available on mobile.

Here are our suggestions on what to build, and how to play with, these three blueprints within the first 51 Tiers. How can you and your squad survive some serious reinforcements in Verdansk?

Here are ten tips for the newly expanded player Quad games, live now in Warzone. Our new series for Mobile focuses in on the latest weapons to hit your smartphone, starting with the fast-firing, high-damage SMG known as the QQ9.

Help veterans find high-quality jobs through the Call of Duty Endowment by purchasing the Freedom Pack. A unique addition to the deep pool of long-range weapons for marksman, the Rytec AMR can be yours with the help of our tips and tricks for unlocking it.

Kyle Garrick, his new weapons, and some tips for the ultimate way for dealing with enemies Gaz-style: in close-quarters combat. The iconic Warzone location is now live on mobile.

Pair up and be kings of the Gulag with these tips and strategies for taking the win. Begin the fight with bare armaments and take down foes to have it all in this Free-For-All party game mode.

A new generation of skaters joins the original crew, and digital pre-order customers can drop in on the Warehouse Demo starting August Get the upper hand and keep pushing forward in this white-knuckle Ground War map with tips, strategies, and objective information all focused on appointing you as king of the Promenade.

Using the cool Canadian Talon, our Lead Writer breaks down a Warzone Mission he recommends you complete, and the Blueprint Custom Creation you can make out of its reward.

Handle business in this Free-For-All party mode where all players begin with a single shot. Make it count! Battle to be the last Operator standing with these tips on finding success in the most hotly contested Warzone drop locations.

Learn more about it, and some Gunsmith configurations, here. Isolated just expanded its territory to the frigid North; from Downtown to Ski Town and more, read up on the new locales to explore right now in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The chaotic combat of 6v6 Multiplayer and tension-filled 3v3 Gunfight are both available this weekend, free for all.

The first of two weapons unlockable via the Season Four Battle Pass system, this SMG will melt your enemies with a blazing fast firing rate.

Explore seven new areas and an expansion of existing locations on the massively updated Battle Royale map, earn rewards in an unified, single stream Battle Pass, visit the Gulag in 2v2 Gunfight, and more!

Experience new ways to play and updates for Warzone, join Multiplayer battle in new modes across new maps and earn two free weapons in a content rich Battle Pass system, available for everyone.

Intel for mastering this map inside. Bring your partner into Verdansk and outlast dozens of other squad pairs in the latest game mode for Battle Royale: Duos, now available in Warzone.

This Map Snapshot looks at Tunisia, a new Multiplayer map that takes the fight to the open square and narrow alleyways of a seaside Mediterranean town.

From a recap of the events that defined the Modern Warfare universe to biographies of the main heroes and villains, this is your destination for all the intel on the story of Modern Warfare including Warzone.

Learn more about the true identity of Mr. Z, the man that Armistice has been trying to track down since the end of the Campaign up until Season Four.

Learn more about the leader of Chimera forces within the Allegiance, and the good friend of Captain John Price — Nikolai. Get the drop on your enemies with tips for improving your parachuting skills, from landing strong at the start of the match to redeploying to your squad.

Show your support for veterans with a new in-game Store Bundle and an exclusive t-shirt. A new Battle Royale class joins the fight!

Under construction since late , Hardhat is built for fast-paced and frenetic combat in any game mode.

We break down this classic map for those visiting the site for the first time, or who need a refresher on this concrete jungle.

Earn new weapons, new skins, Battle Pass XP and more in multi-step challenges that reward you for playing the game. Got your Trials tickets saved up?

The most map-intensive Trials yet will test you on your gunskill, marksmanship, and map knowledge if you want to earn that sweet 10, XP reward.

Get a closer look at Iskra and her bundle, as well as a guide to getting Platinum Pistols, in this edition of the Rank Up Report.

Once Upon A Time Rust brings a new game mode to the wild west that pits you in a one v one match-up on a map priming for a dust up - Saloon.

Find out how to use the circle collapse to your advantage, to trap enemies and play the edge. Vicarious Visions brings back the legendary skateboarding game set to launch on September 4, Part two of a closer look at Season Three Battle Pass weapon blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in your Warzone loadouts.

Whether you want to go into the Warzone Guns Blazing or are a real Live Wire for Multiplayer, the latest bundles to hit the Store offer plenty of new Operator and vehicle skins, weapon blueprints, and more.

The Endowment continues to help veterans find high-quality jobs during National Military Appreciation Month. An excellent tool for Operators fighting in mid to long range engagements, the Bruen MK9 could be yours if you complete a simple challenge.

A new Contract adds a self-bounty element to the game, marking you for death on the Tac Map in exchange for a lucrative payout.

Are you ready to become the Most Wanted? Think again; read our tips for unlocking the all-new Obsidian Camo for your favorite primary or secondary… Or for every single weapon in the game.

Gunsmith just got a serious upgrade. Whether you are playing in Warzone or fighting with — or against — fellow Operators in Multiplayer or Special Ops, Gunsmith Customs lets you modify your weapons like never before.

One of the most popular landing locales regardless of where the circle collapse falls, Zhokov Boneyard is the next zone in our Warzone Mastery spotlight.

Our Lead Writer breaks down the signature assault rifle of the Ronin bundle, as well as shares his 25 favorite tips from the free Warzone Strategy Guide.

This Map Snapshot gives you everything you need to come out on top. Get the advantage over your enemies with this breakdown of this tactical variant of Aniyah Palace - Aniyah Incursion, including objective information and a detailed map walkthrough.

Welcome to the Warzone Landing Page, linking all Blog-related announcements, features, news, tactics, and tips. Within the Battle Pass system and Bundles, there are some weapons that are fit for a king or queen, and our Lead Writer breaks down why these weapons should have a place in your Multiplayer or Warzone loadouts.

Bring in the big guns — part two of our weapon breakdown for looted weapons around Verdansk includes tips for SMGs, LMGs, sniper rifles, marskman rifles, and assault rifles.

A handgun that makes a case to leave Overkill at the door — this is the Renetti pistol, earned at Tier 15 in the Season Three Battle Pass, free for all players.

Take a closer look at some Season Three Battle Pass system weapon blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in your Warzone loadouts.

In a shocking twist, Alex has come back to the frontlines to join the Coalition Operators. Ghost of Tsushima is so utterly breath-taking that even a moron like me can take screenshots that look amazing, entirely by accident.

Welcome back to another Weekend Whammy! And this one is even on the weekend! Hard as nails combat, exploration, baffling stories and a willingness to invest a lot of time are just so of the things that have come to define Souls-like titles.

The classic fetch quest is a staple of gaming, typically found in RPGs that want to pad out their length by sending players scurrying back and forth carrying useless tat.

In the case of Death Stranding however, the entire game is a seemingly never-ending series of fetch quests.

As Sam Porter Bridges you are a courier, tasked with lugging cargo of all types across a bleak post-apocolyptic world where the majority of people are hunkered down in bunkers.

Exactly how something so utterly boring wound up being so utterly absorbing is a mystery. We live in a time where all sorts of games are getting a chance to be remastered, remade or even to get a sequel.

Some make sense, and some are genuinely surprising choices. Originally released in it did […]. Enter your Email address here to receive instant notification of new content!

Also, it'll give me your soul. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Top ten gaming blogs The best gaming blogs offer sparky analysis and pointed reviews, while some simply serve up epic belly laughs.

Here are the ten best we've found Stuart Dredge. GoNintendo www. Shacknews www. That VideoGame Blog www. UK Resistance www.

Touch Arcade www. Guardian Games Blog www. Destructoid www. VG www.

Multiplayer Indin Bank free to try, all weekend long. A new Contract adds a self-bounty element to Kostenlose Slots Fur Desktop game, marking you for death on the Tac Map in exchange for a lucrative payout. Mode Recon: All or Nothing. A free robust, interactive, and personalized guide aimed to get every Operator fit for Warzone combat. Verted levels, and loads of earnable skins. I loved the simultaneous decisions and how the actions play out as you Book Of Ra App Kosten your tableau of cards. Our Lead Writer gets the all-new Tomogunchi watch, the latest game within the game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as well as breaks down the strategies to earn the toughest of the first 50 Officer Ribbons. Visit tonyhawkthegame. Submit Blog. I rely on the Barx Gamers blog Gamer Blog lot. Handle business in this Free-For-All party mode where all players begin with a single shot. As Kostenlos Zug Spielen the blog of a broadsheet newspaper, the Guardian's Games Blog eschews the scramble for press releases and screenshots in favour of a more measured approach, offering analysis, interviews and opinion. Was aber viele dieser einschlägigen Blogs gemeinsam haben: Die Zielgruppe ist sehr tief im Thema drin und für allgemein Samsung Apps Book Of Ra oder Gelegenheitszocker Nos Tale der Tunisie Foot etwas zu speziell. Es gibt unzählige…. Mit den Texture…. Wenn ihr auf der Suche nach Infos zu aktuellen Patches und Co. BranchenInfluencer RelationsLieblingeTech. Sarah Rote Liste Online Login 2 Tagen. Am Weitere Beiträge laden Keine weiteren Beiträge. Was vor nicht all zu langer Zeit als kleiner Nischenmarkt für NerdsGeeks und Wissenschaftler begann, ist heute einer der wichtigsten Zweige der Unterhaltungsindustrie. Die Scooby Doo 3 werden gut bezahlt…. Aufgrund der weltweiten Pandemie wird das…. Gamer Blog

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Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)

Gamer Blog Video

Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)


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